Wednesday, May 2, 2018

April 13 2018 DSWA Certification Level 1 and 2 Pics

April 13, 2018, Rockin Walls Training Center offered the first  •  Level 1 & 2 DSWA Certification. We were so excited to have 10 folks sign up for this sold out event.  Master Examiners - Chris Tanguay DSWA/DSC, ME & Brian Post DSWA Executive Director The Stone Trust VT. 

Level 1 Strip out and rebuild 6' L x 4'.6"H freestanding wall (27 sq ff) in 7 hours

Lisa Tuzo - DSC US Certified, Maryland, (Big thank you for all here help with getting the site up and ready)
Tony Dovidio - Pennsylvania
Suzannah Pace Pennsylvania
Jeremy Bishop - Pennsylvania
Danial Peight - Pennsylvania
Steve Byler - Pennsylvania
Eamon Espey - Maryland ( Big thank you for all the help with palletizing stone for this vent) 

Level 2  - Strip out and rebuild 6' L x 4'.6"H freestanding wall (27 sq ff) including Cheekend - Wallhead in 7 hours.

Ben Peachey - Pennsylvania

Level 3A DSWA & DSC Level 2 Features
Mark Jurus - 54' sqff curved wall and 25 degree sloped wall

The start of any test day is strip out. Pulling the copes in the order you found them. Placing them furthest out standing up. Then the remainder of strip out which should take less than 45 minutes. Then it's onto building the wall. 

Level 2 candidates are required to build and set up their own frames.

Tasty treats to help those through the day.

Level 1 setting frames with examiner Brian Post

First in and one of the highest grades foundations.

The Rockin Walls training center staff and volunteers spent many days and hours to help formulate success for our fellow wallers.  Extra pallets of regional native stone, PA Fieldstone,  Lauren Mountain, Colonial Blue stone and also containers of packing stone. Rockin Walls Training Center received high marks from the examiners. 

Rebuilding. By lunch time you should always be at tie height which is about 18"-20"

Mark Jurus passed level 3A curve feature.

Examiners Chris and Brain looking over things.

Long day came to a quick end after 7 hours. Thank you gift buckets were handed out to all those who tested. Thank you for giving it your all!

At the end of the day the examiners gave feedback with each section personally or with the group. Well done to everyone!