Monday, January 8, 2018

2018 RW Training Centers - New Website

Hello Welcome to the all "New" Rockin Walls Training Center (RW Training Center) Website!

In the months to come, we will build this site to focus on what we do here at RW Training Center This site is designed to help you see why taking a workshop at RW Training Center has value. We are a leader in the growth of a lost craft.

RW Training Center is the only training center in the US that offers "Try Before You Buy" Tools from leading US mason manufacturers.  We firmly believe that teaching a trade will empower an individual by giving them the opportunity to make smart choices.

Stone teaches many life lessons. From teamwork, patience, decision making, compromises, math and visual awarness just to name a few.

RW Training Center is intended for Tradesmen/women, homeowners, students and those who just love rocks!

2018 Workshops

• April 14-15 Freestanding Wall Workshop $395.00
• June 16 Fundamental Building Skills/Practice $325.00
• June 23 Flatwork (ie..Patio - Walkways) Workshop $345.00
• Oct 26-27 Retaining Wall Workshop w/ Irregular stone $450.00

Friday, January 5, 2018

Brian Post ~ Master Craftsman ~ 2018 Spring April 13th Examiner

Brian Post (Vermont) Master Craftsman (Level IV) DSWA-GB,  Examiner / Instructor, Licensed Landscape Architect VT, Executive Director of The Stone Trust.

Brain is one of North America's newest examiners. He will be joining Rockin Walls Training Center April 13th 2018 for the first DSWA level 1 & 2 Certifications to be offered at our site. Brian and Chris Tanguay will be the two examiners for this one day event. We are honored and excited to have him here to see site. 

BRIAN POST owns and operates Standing Stone Landscape Architecture, a design build firm specializing in dry stone construction, in Springfield VT. Brian is the only certified waller who is also a Licensed Landscape Architect. Having knowledge from both the design world and the walling world gives Brian unique insights when teaching. Brian is one of seven DSWA-GB certified Master Craftsmen (Level IV) in the USA, and is also an Examiner and Certified instructor. Brian is also the Executive Director of The Stone Trust.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Chris Tanguay ~ Master Craftsman ~ 2018 Spring, Workshop / Certification

Rockin Walls Welcomes Chris Tanguay (Yarmouth, Maine) Master Craftsman (Level IV) DSWA-GB, DSC-US Examiner / Instructor. Don't miss this golden opportunity to be apart of history at Rockin Walls as continue to increase our offering, both training and certification in the craft of dry laid stone. 

Come meet your Instructor Examiner this Spring 2018 for a 2 day workshop and 1 day certification. Sign up NOW for this amazing opportunity to work with one of ONLY a handful of dual certified instructor / examiner's here in the US!

Chris has been working with stone for more than 20 years.  His work with stone started as a hobby, but turned into a career after he attended a lecture in college on the art of dry laid stone walls.  Chris Tanguay, was certified as a Master Craftsman through the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) of Great Britain in 2005 and completed his Examiner’s Certification through the organization in 2006.  In 2010 Chris became certified as a Master Craftsman through the Dry Stone Conservancy (DSC) located in Kentucky.  He is one of only a handful to hold a duel master craftsman certificate with both the DSWA and DSC.  In 2011 he obtained his Instructor’s Certificate from the DSWA.  He enjoys promoting the craft through workshops and demonstrations as fundraisers for non-profits in the New England area and Canada.  When Chris is not working with stone he enjoys cutting wood, stacking wood, and moving wood into different piles.  He also enjoys fishing, riding his bike, hiking, playing with his kids, and sugaring.

2005 - Certified as a Master Craftsman through the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) of Great Britain
2006 - Completed his Examiner’s Certification through the DSWA. 
2010 - Certified as a Master Craftsman through the Dry Stone Conservancy located in Kentucky. 
2011 - Obtained his Instructor’s Certificate from the DSWA.